Thursday, December 30, 2010

25 things

I'll be turning 25 in 2011. I have decided that instead of the routine try-to-read-50-or-100-books goal, I'm going to mix things up a bit by creating a list of 25 things I'd like to try to accomplish (this means that to a certain extent trying counts even if I am unsuccessful) (that is, as long as the trying really was trying -- it has to be a legitimate effort, self) by the end of 2011.

25. Read all of Proust's In Search of Lost Time

24. Read 50 books (including Proust)

23. Continue my 4.0 GPA in grad school

22. Get something published (poem, essay, short story -- it's been a year or so since anything was accepted...and about a year or so since I really submitted anything, so...yeah -- methinks a *bit* more effort is required)

21. Teach Neville the "bang bang!" dog trick

20. Write one new short story

19. Learn to drive stick

18. Begin sponsoring a child

17. Make more use of footnotes (perhaps to replace my overuse of parentheticals)

16. Get Patrick to watch The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (I mean really, come on, this should not have to be on a to-do list...I feel like [HIMYM] Ted with Stella sometimes on this issue...*eyeroll* My 15-year-old self is disappointed in me! How could I have married a boy who hasn't ever seen all of the original trilogy?!?!?! Old news to IRL people, but not sure if I've mentioned that travesty to LJ...) ^1

15. Return my library books on time, or no more than 1 week late (I am a librarian, and I AM THE WORST BORROWER. THE WORST, I TELL YOU. Currently, I cannot renew any of my items online because there's a block on my account because I owe too much money because of fines...woops)

14. Paint the bathroom and/or hallway

13. Write a novel (hey, a resolution/to do list has to have SOME things you're sure you won't actually achieve on it, right?) (on the bright side, whole different novel idea know....again)

12. Write entries in my handwritten journal more than twice a month (I have handwritten journals dating back to fourth grade...pity to let that habit die)

11. Attend Quaker meeting/First Day at least once just to see what it's like and to see if I want to continue going

10. Go to the Baltimore Aquarium (we keep putting it off)

9. Spend more quality time at the VMFA. For pete's sake, it's right down the street and free and, you know, FULL OF ART. I should go there every morning just because I can, but I haven't been since August. :[

8. Use less sugar in my tea

7. Stop picking at lips (toughest goal on the list)

6. Start putting together albums of photo prints (Facebook's not gonna be around forever, yo)

5. Try not to experience too much glee in watching 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom (on second thought, maybe this will be the toughest goal on the list)

4. Read a book by an author I think I'll hate

3. Go to Lamplighter more often for coffee (provided they get my orders right more often....perhaps Give Lamplighter Another Chance would be more appropriate)

2. Reduce the number of malapropisms appearing in my vocabulary as of late (not sure how this can be accomplished less of The Office? No problem once Carell leaves.)

1. Wear sunscreen ;)

1. I should mention that before I ever realized he hadn’t seen the trilogy, I went on happily making obscure Star Wars reference in everyday conversation, and he would smile and nod. Now I know they were whooshing right over his head. All of those “I’m fine, we’re all…now….how are you?”’s went to waste, waste I tell you! I mean, I just sort of assumed he'd seen them all. I thought it was a fair assumption. At least he likes Indiana Jones and can quote that liberally...and thank goodness Temple of Doom isn't his favorite or I just don't know how our marriage could survive. Last Crusade FOR LYFE

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