Tuesday, February 8, 2011

American Gods ~preferred edition~

Soooooo...there's going to be a new hardcover author's preferred editions of Neil Gaiman's American Gods hitting the shelves soon, and in addition the 12,000 extra words (BE STILL MY HEART) there's ALSO a new cover.  

I like it, though I have to say I'm still ultimately most fond of the two here:

This of course doesn't mean I'm not going to run (sprint) to purchase the new edition, because....12,000 more words in hardcover (I normally prefer paperback, but I make an exception for my most beloved books).  I'm sold.  I'm there.

I think one of the things that I'll forever be thankful for is the simple fact that of all the Neil Gaiman (blessed-is-he-among-men) books I could have picked up first, American Gods was the second (Good Omens being the first).  I am not and never have been a big comics reader, so for the longest time Sandman was of no consequence to me, and had I read Neverwhere or Stardust first, I fear I would have been less inclined to pick up American Gods, and I would have missed out on my favorite book.  It's gritty and prolific and profound.  Neverwhere always feels like a bit of a three-act play to me (which is not to say it isn't enjoyable, but it's definitely more simplistic), while American Gods feels like an epic.  Stardust is a fairy tale for adults, but not an epic, and I feel like while Gaiman might have meant the more simplistic writing style of Stardust to be a mirror of the more simplistic fairy-tale genre, it doesn't grab me the same way, and I think I've only read my copy once.  Ditto for Neverwhere.  Good Omens I've read twice, but it too is a different animal.  I've read American Gods possibly ten times within the last five years.

For a rundown of some more of the covers that have graced one of the best books of all time (OF ALL TIME), I highly suggest taking a look at Booktionary.

I should probably mention that, being as Neil Gaiman (blessed-is-he-among-men) is a big supporter of libraries and is a ALA (American Libraries Association) speaker and spokesperson and whatnot, I'm rather obliged to adore him (since I'm a librarian).  But really...I adored him before I ever started this whole librarian career thingy.

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