Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I was a deep bathtub would you sink down to the bottom of my love?


I decided to take the day to re-organize our home library/office bit (above).  You can always tell when someone was a VCU student by seeing how many bright pink VCU bookstore stickers there are on their books.

For reference, this is what our office/library looked like before (below).  No, the different arranging style of the books did NOT directly make the room darker....but arranging books by color takes time -- time enough for the light to change in the room!

Other good things in the world:
-Riding my bike to Crossroads to get chai tea with my brother -- time well spent, as always, and not just because the chai tea lattes there are the best I've ever had
-New Emily Jane White vinyl (from brother) = the perfect music.  I could listen to "Dark Undercoat" on repeat for the rest of my life.

-Looking at a house with my husband today in the Museum District.  We already had one sniped right out from our little fingers and we don't want to let another one get away.  So, here's to hoping.  I guess Hestia would be the entity to pray to in cases involving hearth, home and real estate bids, right?  ;)  

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