Thursday, February 10, 2011

OOPS (I will resist the temptation to say "I did it again".....too late)

There's some delightful juxtaposition for you.  First, I get the third overdue notice about a CD from a local library (I will explain myself and make excuses in a footnote)*.  Then, just an hour or so later, I get an invitation to be an intern for an ALA (American Library Association) committee on Rural, Native and Tribal libraries.  This would include attending the ALA conference in June in New Orleans -- I'd have to pay my own way, of course....yikes.  But, you know....yay professional development and all that jazz.

Good thing ALA can't check my "criminal" library fine record!**  I am the worst librarian sometimes!  8(  

*Okay, footnote with my excuse (librarians can make excuses too):  I returned the disc case, but forgot to return the disc in it!  Turns out I left it in my car.  So, once I was able to get back to the library, I returned the disc all by itself.  Apparently, that seems to have never been reunited with its actual case at the library.  That disc is probably sitting on a cart or shelf alone, lonely, missing its life partner.  And the disc is probably sobbing quietly, unaware of just how close its mate it.  So close, so close....if only the audio items had feet and were autonomous!  

But then, I guess librarians would be out of a job if items could shelve themselves....nevermind!  I really do need to call that branch to see if those items can get reunited though...

**It's not really criminal, don't worry!

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