Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you going to Corgiville Fair?

What's this?  A children's book about a FAIR OF CORGIS?  I'm going to confess that this isn't a book review -- merely a "OMG I NEED TO FIND THIS RIGHT NOW SO I CAN REVIEW IT" post, book-wise.  So if you're tuned in here, stay tuned for that review.  It'll happen.  I predict it'll go something like this: "This is the most adorable thing ever, look at their leetle illustrated nubbin bunny butts, look at their leetle illustrated ears, look at the wee poopsters, it's a fair, it's Corgis, ahhhh!"  Although perhaps it'll be a little more coherent.  Still, it's Corgis, and I sort of melt.

If this doesn't look like the picture of Sunday afternoon perfection, I'm not sure what does.  I guess if the Corgi were surrounded by rare books, perhaps it could get better...but barring that, this is pretty good.  But alas, we'll be leaving this original-pine-wood-floored Fan district row home soon.  "Alas" probably isn't the right word, really.  More like "WOOHOO" -- not because we don't adore our large sunny front room overlooking Floyd Ave, right around the corner from Joe's Inn (so it smells DELICIOUS all the time)...but because we bought a house this weekend!  Well, okay, we didn't really buy it yet.  But our bid was accepted, and soon we shall be living in an even better original-pine-wood-floored place, and the Corgi can romp around in his own wee backyard area, and life will be grand.

Of course, there's still that pesky grad school thing that I'm doing.  I really need to work on that huge project.  And there's that ALA internship to think about -- can I still afford to go to the ALA conference?  But right now, I really want to nap, too.  Good idea, Neville, ol' puppy ol' chap.

Also, don't these things always happen as soon as you rearrange your books by spine color?  You die, or you have to move all the books, or something, just as soon as there's all in their neat little colorized way?  Isn't that just exactly how it goes?  Let me tell you, I am labeling the book boxes by color.

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