Friday, March 18, 2011


These pieces are meant to be images from a librarian's daydreams. Little glimpses of life, awaiting their escape from between dusty book jackets within the stacks. The librarian works quietly to herself, inputting, organizing, re-shelving, following Dewey decimal's order of things. These are meant to be her inner world, her private menagerie.

This is a description of an art collection called "Bookish" by Amy Thompson.  It's a show of mixed media done on vintage library cards.  I am enthralled and giddy-in-love over all of the pieces (there are 25 images to be seen here) but I have culled my favorites on the blog.  But I want all of them.  Every last one.

The exhibit runs until March 31 in Long Beach CA.  Prices are located on the exhibit website.  If I had money I would buy every last one of them and display them in a huge frame all organized properly together (the librarian in me speaks).  It's like she looked into my little librarian SOUL and was like, here, let me paint that for you, Wee Hermione...

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