Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheery colorful artwork + cheery colorful children's books

So there's some awesome colorful artwork...I stumbled across Pragya Kothari the other day and have been itching to spend entire paychecks on her work.  Can you blame me?  No.  No, you can't.  Rainbow Magnolias = omg.  Ms. Kothari, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease publish a children's book.  PLEEEEASE.

To say it pops is an understatement.  So, can anything really be better than some cheerful yellow?  Which got me thinking about a favorite book growing up, the out-of-print-OF-COURSE-since-it's-good Yellow Yellow by Frank Asch (pictured below on the left).  For good measure, there are some other prints from children's books as well, which will have to suffice until Kothari does some children's books (still begging).

'Yellow yellow' -  Front cover - Mark Alan StamatyBalloons from the birthdays of all the years

'There, showing dimly through the fog, as a big ship right along the street''Escape at bedtime' - Illustration by Brian Wildsmith

The fish were able to sleep in peace and safety'And how about the colors, Frederick?'*

Yellow Yellow
Alfie and the Ferryboat
The Moon and the Fishes
Frederick's Fables

*Some Illustrations found here

**Is it just me, or is Blue Dog a Corgi?  ;)

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