Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking into the Past: Library-aided art

Reading Room, Prints Division, Library of Congress
Yup, libraries are full of books and data and microfilm, computers (though not in the photo above) and whatnot (that's not the library-science jargon term......although with the amount of jargon in the field, it very well could be) -- but how can a library aid art?  Obviously there is information available on painting and great artists of the past, books full of prints and ideas for projects.  But one can take things a step further by using the records themselves as art.  No, no, not by painting on the books you've checked out (please don't!)...a better example of what I mean is jasonepowell on Flickr.  jasonepowell has created a set of photos overlapping old photos from the Library of Congress with the present location of those photos' original locations.  The collection is called Looking Into the Past.

Looking Into the Past: Kenmore Dedication, Fredericksburg, VA

Looking Into the Past: Beauty Pageant Winners, Union Station, Washington, DC

Looking Into the Past: Boy Scouts, US Capitol, Washington, DC

Looking Into the Past: Old Stone Bridge, Manassas, VA

Yay libraries, yay archives, yay art!

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