Monday, March 21, 2011

Too little

New York Public Library
By rynoprints

Ahh, the New York Public Library.  Swoon.  Growing up, I loved the book Rosa-Too-Little by Sue Felt.  The story is about little Rosa who is, well, too little in New York.  She is too little to do the things her siblings do (including rooftop pigeon-keeping), and she is definitely too little to get her very own library card.  

How sad of a face is that up there?  8(  Anyway, though, Rosa practices and practices throughout the sweltering New York summer to learn to write her name so she can get her own library card, and eventually, finally, FINALLY she is just big enough to do it.  She is able to stand on the step-stool to sign her name in the big book so she can get her very own library card.   She promises to take good care of the books and bring them back on time, and from there, she's able to carry home big stacks of books to her heart's content, all by 
herself, because she is no longer Rosa-Too-Little.

Image from callmejasper

I still have my first library card stashed somewhere, my name a wobbly little kid scribble, but I was able to write it, so I was able to get my card from that Glenside PA library.  Incidentally, I do vividly recall that library children's room in the downstairs basement...and the pet turtle that lived down there too.  But anyway...I do remember the acquisition of my first library card being a Big Event for me, because it meant that I too was no longer Too Little.  So, some more artwork that reminds me of Rosa-Too-Little?  See below!

Image from callmejasper
Rooftop pigeons from Rosa-Too-Little translate to...
Clay Pigeon
By CrystalAyala

In the book, Rosa and her siblings play in the water from fire hydrants to keep cool...
Summer in the City
By NYPortraits
New York, New York. 61st Street Between 1st and 3rd Avenues.  Children Playing in the Street
This one's from the Library of Congress

Children reading in roof garden of the Rivington St. Library, New York City
This one's also from the Library of Congress

How cool is that? I want a rooftop garden reading area! And now for one more NYPL lion piece:
Library Lion
By melissabtubbs

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