Thursday, April 28, 2011

Corgi blues: IVDD saga continued

By Meg Park; print sold here
With the Royal Wedding hullaballoo, there is Corgi FEVER going on.  I have had this delightful disease for years, but right now, I'm feeling a bit down, since my own little Corgi is feeling down (that was not intended to be a pun about his height -- or lack thereof -- but there you go).  He's still on crate rest and will be right up until we leave for England (not for the wedding -- believe it or not, we weren't invited!) so that just makes it worse, because he seems to be doing worse, in that he showed a change in appetite this morning.  Corgis, like all dogs, are food motivated, but holy cow, Corgis are SERIOUSLY food motivated.  So for Neville to not eat his whole breakfast in practically one mouthful is distressing.  For him to not even finish it is downright alarming.  Looks like another vet trip is in order.

At this point we're picking him up to carry him up and down the patio steps when he goes out.  Of course, he doesn't like this very much, and at this point, whenever we reel him in to go back inside, he jumps and gets mouthy and irritated.  He doesn't bite, but he does that puppy thing where they want to play so they nip-nip-nip to get attention, not in a bitey-hurty way, but in a I'm-using-my-mouth-to-irritate-youuuuu! sort of way, except this is a bit more irritated and jumpy, so it makes the whole ordeal unfun for everyone involved.  I don't blame the little guy though -- he hasn't had a walk since Saturday, and has been cooped up for the great, great majority of every day, and for an 8-month-old Corgi, that's pretty much hell.

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