Monday, April 25, 2011

A Corgi owner's fears

Before getting our Corgi, we researched the breed (beyond the obvious cuteness research of "LOOKATALLTHECUTENESS" when one inevitably lands on a Corgi-related website...Corgiaddict is especially good for this).  We learned that Corgis are prone to hip and back issues.  We have always been prepared for that possibility down the road.  What we weren't prepared for was our little 8-month-old guy showing pain in his back legs this Saturday.  He's so little!  It couldn't possibly be hip dysplasia, could it?  We'd been very careful with him, not letting him jump off of furniture (he can't jump up on it, period, what with  being such a low-rider), etc., hoping to create less risk for the disease down the road.

Of course, our dog always has shown symptoms of bad things when the regular vet is gone for the weekend.  So once again we had to treck him over to the Carytown emergency vet clinic (they are lovely people, but expensive, because they're an emergency vet clinic).  Turns out he might be showing signs of a slipped disc in his back, or IVDD (intervertebral disk disease).  We had the choice of getting some x-rays (requiring anesthesia) or the less risky option of crate rest for 2 weeks with painkillers and then seeing how he is after the 2 weeks are up.  He's such a little guy that we decided to go with crate rest.

So of course now I have a very fussy puppy confined to a crate, and a very worried set of owners who are set to go to England in 2 weeks, thus being forced to leave the pup in the care of a sibling (who was going to be taking care of the dog anyway by housesitting, so at least that was pre-arranged)...I just don't want anything to happen to my dog while I'm across the ocean, AND I don't want to put that sort of medical decision-making in my brother's hands because while I trust him completely, I will feel personally guilty if anything goes wrong because I know it won't be his fault but I'm sure if I were in his shoes I'd feel get the idea.  But there's nothing to be done.  We can't cancel the trip, and we can't speed up the crate rest.

On the bright side, he's showing good signs of the pain meds working, so at least he's not in so much pain that the meds can't overpower it.   The downside of the pain meds working is of course that Neville thinks he's totally fine and so it completely consternated with us at our refusal to let him play.  Still, he won't be allowed to go down the three patio steps to go outside on his own anymore even after his hoped-for recovery, so we'll be building a ramp asap.

8(  My poor little low-rider.

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