Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guess whaaaaaat....I'm not a robot

"Steampunk Robot Librarian" By DomesticIcing
Patron (outside my office): Is WeeHermione in today?  (Walks in, tone of voice: barking)  You're here too much!  You need to get a life!  (Exit patron)

Well thanks.  I'm glad I'm so appreciated.  I am of course a robot and I love being here about 45 hours a week, and I definitely do not ever wish to be anywhere else doing life-having things, so your barked reminder to me that I am here at night instead of out having a mojito with my husband is very kind.  Grunt.

It's all in the delivery.  I've had PLENTY of people comment that I'm here a lot, but it's mostly done in kindness....this just felt....annoying.

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