Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quotes from the line of duty

Compute Cute by ComfortablyLovely
I keep getting IT questions thrown at me these days.  Somehow "librarian" = "It person who can reset passwords."  I don't mind all that much normally since a lot of computer questions (ie, how do I open the Internet, etc) *are* easy enough to answer and are no big deal, but yikes, has it been crazy lately.  Patrons/guests are *confusing* sometimes!  Anyway, it's been a bit crazypants in the library!  I love my patrons, and I love answering questions, but there are times when I do have to scratch my head for a minute or ten...  Behold, a smattering of examples:

Patron: I need the website to actually know the website

What does this meaaaaaan?  I sent her a link in my previous reply, so she's not without links.  I'm baffled.

Me: Hello, thank you for calling the library, this is WeeHermione, how can I help you?
Patron: WeeHermione!  How are you?
Me: Very well, how are you?
Patron: Okay, enough with the crap, here's my question!


Patron: How do I get to my email?
Me: What type of email do you have?
Patron: I don't know.  Someone set it up for me.
Me: Have you logged in before?
Patron: Yes?


Patron (over phone trying to access library site): I'm not sure I'm seeing the right screen on my computer
Me: What type of screen are you seeing?
Patron: I don't know
Me: Can you....describe it to me?  Do you know how to take a screenshot to email me what you're seeing? (Desperate attempt on my part...)
Patron: ..........................

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