Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Studying, studying, yeah!

I have been working on my Information Organization Project (IOP) all semester (for all you nerds out there, it's a MST3K database!), and yesterday I put one of the final nails in the coffin by completing my preliminary draft 4 for peer review!  Once my peer reviewer reads through all 30 GLORIOUS pages of technical writing about how I created a database and what the word "find" means, I will make the one or two tweaks they will suggest, and TURN THAT SUCKER IN.  DIE, PROJECT, DIE DIE DIE.  *ahem*  I mean, studying, studying, yeah!

(For reference, I don't think I've *cried* over a project since middle school*...but this project reduced me to tears during draft 2 back in February. It wasn't pretty.  So yeah...I'm pretty exited to have somehow made it to the end and even OVER the minimum page requirement.)

Grad school is hard sometimes.  Also, the Pope is Catholic.

*Die Saxon math!

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