Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Equal rights, photo-taking, and focusing

Wedding season is upon us!  Now if only all of my friends had the same rights.  If someone catches the bouquet, that person should have the right to cash in on the good luck and next-to-get-hitched! superstition they've earned.

On another note...I've been really lax in photo-taking at weddings lately (despite what this post may indicate -- some of these were taken at the request of the bride and groom).  I feel so over-saturated sometimes by the constant cultural push to [over] document everything.  And I'll be the first to admit that as someone who's always been into photo-taking and writing journals (and I think this runs in my family), the compulsion to document is a hard one to resist.  But lately I've put the camera down and I've opted to FOCUS on the present, rather than reach for the focus button on my camera.  I'm not saying that I leave the camera at home all the time.  Clearly I don't.  But I've found I have a low personal desire to document *everything*.  I'll snap a few photos during the reception, and that's, at the most these days.  I've not taken a photo during a ceremony in a year, I think.  OffbeatBride -- which I used a TON during my own wedding planning -- talked about unplugged weddings the other day, and they hit the nail on the head.

I feel good about this.  I love taking photos, but I like really focusing on the moment too.  And this goes beyond my camera.  There are times when I don't charge my phone for a few days straight.  I'll be the first to admit that I have an obsessive personality (INTP), which means that if I'm not careful, I very, very, very quickly fall so into whatever it is that I'm into at the moment that I lose that focus on the big picture of life.  I'll be so into the fact that holy Moses, my phone can connect to the INTERNETS whenever I want that I'll be hooked up to it like an IV if I don't stop that drip.

Will I eventually go off the grid to keep myself a little less hooked up to the tech fluids?  No.  Probably not, anyway.  I live in a city and I like connecting with my fellow city-dwellers, and if nobody *else* is going off the grid, then off the grid seems a bit lonely.  So I'll be part of the techie herd.  But I am forcing myself to focus, to live simply, and to use my memory instead of a device for some things.  My memory is prettier anyway.  I add sparkles to everything.

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  1. I find myself disconnecting a lot these days. Too much screen time! I think that focusing on the weddings you're attending makes a lot of sense, and the same goes for everyday things. I have some friends whose eyes are glued to their phones when we hang out, which kinda defeats the purpose. I am all for letting your phone die sometimes just for that inaccessibility! I'm not good at being "available" all the time. - and I completely agree with your comments about equal rights. I have lots of friends that I know would love the opportunity to have a wedding too. You rule. Thought you should know.