Monday, June 13, 2011

So, about that garden thing...

Eat Your Jelly Sprouts (by TheMayberrySparrow)

Gardening summary:

-Composting pile created in backyard, turned every so often
-Seedlings (eggplant; tomato; peppers; peppermint; basil; beans; spinach) nurtured for weeks, spritzed, sunshine-d, loved; seedlings died suddenly, except for the beans.
-Beans planted in more soil; more mature sprouted seedlings purchased, spritzed and loved and sunshine-d more
-Earth tilled, little white picket fences staked into ground
-Watering, loving, hoping commence

Total: About $80-$100 at this point, give or take (seedlings, then better more mature plants once the seedlings checked out suddenly, soil, fence pieces, tools)

-1 bean pod

I wouldn't say I'm feeling discouraged (it's early in the season still, but with temps reaching 95-100 for the last two weeks with 65+% humidity, I'm just worried everything's going to be joining the choir invisible pretty soon...) but...I've had worse.  Like the garden I grew when I was 10-ish...  the soil was clay, so my carrots didn't get very far, vertically.  From the archives:

Harvesting the carrot crop

Clay soil makes carrot knots

Yum anyway!
It's still early.  We probably won't break even with growing our own food this year, vegetable-money-wise, but we're trying.  Next year: bees!  And maybe a CSA.

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