Friday, June 24, 2011

So, the homeowner sitch

Oh farmhouse table
You were expensive -- very;
Could not afford chairs

(Yeah, not our house in that picture....which I'm sure is obvious given the, yanno, chairs)

So yes.  We have our table.  Maybe not the nice chairs to go WITH it, but we have chairs from the old table, and we miiiight just score an old church pew this weekend, so that my dining room fantasies may be complete.

It's definitely taking some time, but slowly, very slowly, our house is coming together.  The dining room has its wallpaper (the wallpaper I lusted over for months...and managed to snag right before the color mashup went out of stock -- don't get me started on my horror when my lovely mom who was going to help us wallpaper newbs do the job asked if we'd measured keeping the repeat in hadn't.....but thank goodness we got the right number of rolls anyway)...the downstairs is painted (Martha Stewart's "Winter's Day" -- which, heads up, looks grey sometimes, but also looks like a grey blue some other times...sunlight makes it grey, at night it's blueish).  

I'm in the process of pulling together a yard sale for tomorrow.  I always feel the compulsion to get rid of Stuff in the house, and I like going through things with a critical eye, asking, do I need this?  My mom used to use the phrase "having the i-want-sies" when my brothers and I would start going on and on about wanting this and that.  So while having this house gives me a huge case of perpetual iwantsies (I saw a flag outside someone's house near Cafe Ole the other day and about had a flagasm of WANT), at least I try to de-stash along the way.  

Unfortunately, Patrick insists we really do need those Ren and Stimpy VHS tapes.  AND he won't let us get rid of that Dream a Little Dream VHS...have you seen that movie?  Absolutely horrendously terrible, that.


  1. Oooh those are nice colors and wallpaper! And I hope you get the chairs of your dreams someday too! Pretty! And I am with you on the iwantsies!!

    I just need you to come through my house and help me get rid of stuff for a massive yard sale. ;) How do you even have enough stuff accumulated for a yard sale? I've been in my house for 17 years and I've never had a yard sale! (I do give a lot of stuff to Goodwill however!) *hugs*

  2. I just like to minimize the amount of clutter that slowly accumulates -- movies that we bought at the local used music/movies place that we realistically don't need, books I bought that I ended up not enjoying, clothing that I don't wear often if ever...we ended up making a grand total of $5, so the rest we bundled off to give to Books, Bikes and Beyond (thrift store that doubles as funding for Books on Wheels!) and we'll just get tax credits later for that.

    I think part of it is that I grew up with grandparents who are hoarders (not to the extent of some people on TV thank goodness, but it's still pretty bad) so the idea of clutter/unneeded stuff irks me after a while. I like nice stuff, but I value simplicity, so while we get new stuff, I do weed a LOT.

    And I LOOOOVE that wallpaper. Every time I walk into the dining room I heave a little happy sigh. :D