Monday, June 27, 2011

Think think think, ink ink ink

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Sometimes I feel as though I am working towards this MLIS so that I can move up to a managerial level that involves me being able to set a dress code that includes tattoos and modest facial piercings being acceptable.  I'm a manager now, but not *that* high up, so I dutifully cover up my inked bits.  And that tiny little nose piercing I want someday (a dot, not a ring)?  That'll come someday.

Yes, I am working towards my MLIS because I want to work in the information field and get paid more for it than I am right now.  But what I REALLY want is to be able to set a few simple rules that are more accommodating to the person I -- and surely other employees -- wish to be: more visibly tattooed, with a little tiny modest nose piercing.  I live in the third most tattooed city in the US, you'd think I'd be able to get away with it, but nope, corporate culture is as corporate culture does.

In short: yeah sure information professional status with the MLIS blah blah blah...what I REALLY want is the ability to declare my ink work-appropriate.  Because right now, I want a nouveau shoulder sleeve, but with the dress code, that would mean not ever showing a shoulder, and have you tried buying a dress casual office appropriate dress that covers a shoulder?  It's hard enough finding cap sleeves.  And in this weather?  You'd be crazy NOT to wear the least amount of clothing possible.


Yeah, sure, someday it'll be less nice-looking as my skin changes, but skin's gonna look less nice then ANYWAY, whether it's inked or not, so to me, the argument that when-I'm-older-it-won't-look-nice doesn't really apply for my personal aesthetic.  If the reason it's going to look like crap later in life is because my *skin* is gonna look like crap, then...seems like we're arriving as looking-like-crap whether ink is involved or not.  Natural progression and all that.  So I figure....I might as well enjoy the niceness of my skin while it's here.  Anyway.  My personal stance on why I am inked, and plan on further inkings.

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