Friday, July 29, 2011


Whenever I journey a way to see a friend, I always get this feeling of two magnetic orbs circling, circling, and suddenly, quite magically attaching.  When I would reach the city where we were meeting, I would get this bubbly feeling of "I am here, in your sphere, and you are in my sphere now!"  Like a Venn diagram.

You + Me
During my teenage years, a friendship was cultivated between my best friend and I through writing letters back and forth since we didn't live close to each other (worst thing ever: finding out someone's a super best friend, but finding that out AFTER you move away -- it's sort of the ultimate womp womp from the universe.  Of course, the other side of the coin is that you probably wouldn't have found that compatibility had you not moved away in the first place) (try telling that to 14 year old me, though -- I was quite ready to ship myself right back to my home state, thankyouverymuch).

Anyway.  When I saw the short film below (Splitscreen Love Story) I couldn't help but instantly think of all those little trips, starting at different points on the map, and suddenly, boom, separate spheres become the same sphere, the same flat of sidewalk, the same porch.  I felt so very often that we were living a splitscreen friendship love story, and that eventually we would make it work where it was just one screen and we'd be Together Forever.  Life doesn't work out that way though. We're still splitscreen.  And that's when we're connected.  There are times when huge swaths of time will pass, because isn't that the way of things?  You fall away, life takes its course, rivers, tributaries, run this way and that from the main.  But there are times when the splitscreen still suddenly merges, we suddenly meet in DC, coming from different metros, and boom! Spheres overlap. The night before my wedding, sitting in Penny Lane at a table long into the night -- spheres overlapped.  Then we disengage, relapse, re-engage, overlap.

I am becoming more and more convinced that everyone has a cast of 70 people that they will forever have spheres overlapping with.  What is that from?  Neil Gaiman somewhere?  I'm not even sure.

Anyway.  A lovely little film on splitscreen lives and spheres and such.

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  1. I like!! And I remember! and it makes sense. and I watched the film, and I liked it.