Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wee Hermione finds Tiny Hermione! Also ponies.

How utterly adorable is this?!  The Adventures of Tiny Hermione is drawn by Kate Beaton of  Beaton does all sorts of adorable and hilarious comics, not just Tiny Hermione -- literature, history, it's all there in her magical archives.  Jane Austen?  Covered.

Herodotus?  Covered.


Be still, my heart.  She's like the comic artist of my dreams.  She meets ALL OF MY NEEDS.

*All comics are copyright Kate Beaton, and her FAQ says as long as I'm crediting and not making a profit that I can post these to a blog, so I'm crediting all over, and definitely not making any dolla bills, so carry on!


Her store has a fat pony onesie.  Welp, that's it, now I have to have a baby so I can stuff it into this.  


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