Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good day sunshine: roundup of Goodness

by pressureless
It's a good day.  Magically, out of nowhere, the wonderful overlords at work decided that facial piercings (small, subtle, non-safety-hazard ones anyway) are allowed.  I may still be covering up my tattoos, but after a quick phone call, I obtained a blessing from above to go ahead with a nose stud.  All of that sighing about corporate culture being behind the times may no longer be heard from me.  What a magical day.

Additionally, up until a few minutes ago, I totally thought it was Tuesday, but it is apparently most definitely Wednesday.  I'm not sure which is more magical now -- a Tuesday turning into Wednesday, or the overlords suddenly being okay with a punk-er librarian in their midst.

AND I discovered that, contrary to my original thought, I haven't completed the August book collection development list yet, which means I'm going to spend a good portion of my day browsing Choice Reviews.  I tend to complete my monthly lists way in advance because it's such a fun task, so to find that suddenly I'm back to speed is a nice surprise.

AND there's a tumblr called FuckYeahSansaStark.  And FuckYeahAryaStark.  And there's this video:

And finally, in the surprise of the century, it turns out I'm not a total idiot when it comes to math after all.  Which is sort of a nice surprise.  I'm not saying math is fun, but I will say that it's much less stressful when you understand what you're doing.  It's sort of a pity I'm just now getting it and am not completely miserable in a math class, and I'm in grad school, but at least I can hold my head up high and say now only did I pass a graduate level statistical course, I passed it with an A, mofos.  Call me a mathematical late bloomer.  Anyway though, after this class, I'm still going to be very pleased that I don't *think* there are any more math classes in my future.

Oh!  And I've been doing more freelance work for RVANews, which is sweet.  This weekend, I'll be doing some more.  And it involves horses.  People want me to hang out at a horse event!  Yup, 12-year-old-me of the past is very, very pleased with present-me.

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