Monday, September 19, 2011

Let the wild rumpus start!

Where the Wild Things Are Pinata by MamaPajamas
So, that's a piñata.  A $120 piñata, but still.  I never thought I'd say this, but for the quality and sheer awesomeness of said piñata, I'd say that seems pretty reasonable.  Nay, a bargain.  Of course, if I ever purchased it, I'd never want to bash the crap out of it.  I'd be using that for home decor right there if I had a spare $120.  So for decor?  Total bargain for my mythological $120-having self.  And I'll have you know that I looked through pages and pages of piñatas on Etsy just to see if I could make a compilation post of awesome literary piñatas, and I came up with nada.  Or at least, nada in comparison to the above.  Once you've seen the Where the Wild Things Are piñata, I think you're ruined for all subsequent piñatas.

Well, except for the taco piñata. I'd hit it.

Taco Pinata - Made to Order - Pick your toppings by iheartthefunkystuff
And the creator seems like my kind of person.  Bottle of wine = total selling point.  It comes with the taco, right?

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