Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They start off so nice, and then they think you're their FRIEND...

Friendly Bear by Sarajea

Dear Old Biker Patron Dude Who Struggles With Topics Like "Polite Conversation" versus "Freaky Conversation",

I get that you're trying to be friendly, but a) please don't feel like you have to check up on me to say hi every time you're in the building because b) you keep talking about weird shit you and your army buddies have done, like create things from human skin.

And just a hint, if I'm gone from my desk a while and you pop in to say oh, you hadn't seen me yet today! -- that's weird and freaky dude and it comes across as stalker-y; you're friendly as can be and I get that you think I'm one of "your people" because of the tattoo stuff and the nose piercing, but can stop it  now.



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