Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter canning, booze edition (aka, mead sangria)

So this is just about the easiest thing in the world, but nonetheless, I feel a little accomplished and happy every time I gaze up at the kitchen window ledge to see these ruby beauties soaking up sugar and sunshine.

What I used:
-Mason jar (I am so hip)
-Old garlic jar (uh, really really washed...garlic-cherry mead has about zero appeal to me, I don't know about you...)
-Pears (halved)
-Oranges (a few slices)
-Cherry honey mead (there's sweet, and then there's super sweet, and this fall squarely in the super sweet category!)

Unrelated to this, but to the "homestead" in general: we're now renting out our garage.  This brings in slightly more money each month, which can now be put towards getting those raised beds put in...


  1. wait, wait!?! So how long do you leave them there for? Very romantic & resourceful. I love brewing & stewing. Doesn't it kind of make you feel like a witch? (In a good way obvs.)

  2. has a good breakdown of the awesomeness. Basically the alcohol acts as a preserving agent, and it's much easier than traditional canning. I think if this works, I'm going to try some different summer fruits in brandy as Christmas gifts...