Monday, February 6, 2012

Food glorious food

Top MS Paint Chef Recipe
I get all these lovely recipe ideas from Pinterest but my food always ends up less than pretty (note: I did not say less than delicious...just less than magazine-photo-worthy).  Clearly it's the pretty photos that are making me get all these high foodie expectations crushed each time.  So clearly, there's a need for some recipes that involve lower expectations.  Clearly, I am a genius.  (Well, I would be, if somebody were to actually buy them.  Because how hilarious would that be?)

Also, how cute is that apple?  I am very, very proud of my Paint apple in that pot pie recipe.  Probably more proud than I should be (because the amount of pride one should theoretically take in drawing a cute apple in MS Paint is really, really low on the Pride Scale of Life).  But I've been having a rough week.  Allow me a moment of pure griping: car broke and will cost 2k to fix; loss of money means no Valentines Day OR six-year-anniversary dinner as planned, also no presents which really means I have to put away the gift I already got Patrick; no epic backyard gardening (although by god we're going to use what little gardening money we have saved up for the community garden that's in the works because no way is that not happening); the bill is wiping out more than the raise I just got at work for the whole year.  SOB.  GRIPE.  H'okay, just had to get that out there.  Flop.  Woe.   Ahh, too much woe.  So I'll be proud of my Paint apple.  It really won't be that bad.  We're just going through some austerity measures...

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