Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinhole Summer

(~~Reveal~~ after the cut)

Oh Summer*...this dog's soul is a bright chirpy canary yellow.  The sort that sort of irritates your eyes after a while, but dammit, it's so INSISTENT on being CHEERY that you can't resist its rays.

She drives me bananas (this dog can BOUNCE 6 FEET IN THE AIR!  This is a bit...different from the singleton-stumpy-Corgi ownership) but after a long day of wrestling with Neville (Corgi), barking at squirrels and anything that comes near the house, she curls up into a tiny ball by the bed and runs in her dreams.  You can't help but love her cuddlyness.  Aussies really are magnet dogs.  If I'm home, she's by my side.**  (sappy dog person here, carry on, Internets!)

*It's nice that our dogs match in terms of fantasy literature names, but it was never intended as a House Stark reference, as she came with the name.  Lucky, though, since House Stark = the best.

**Which is also, you know, sort of annoying.  But it's so well meant that you can't help but feel bad when you insist that she cannot join you in the 2X2 bathroom.

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