Monday, February 20, 2012

Random snapshots

Click past the cut to see the reveal of this awesomeness...

On Friday, I got to go to see THE LION KING at the Landmark Theater (aka "The Mosque").  The ceiling is this fantastic dome.  (I didn't take any photos during the performance or anything.  I'm a well-behaved patron of the arts!)

Also, I was looking sort of cute the other day so I vainly took my photo.  *waves*  

I spent a good portion of my weekend reading a lot of things, and I also discovered one of the best little writing-havens in the city, Realitea on Main St..  Large tables, good tea (including dessert teas like chamomile banana dulce and cocoa tea), and quiet.  (I still love Lamplighter -- which is closer to me -- but Lamplighter is always so busy which is great for them...I want to spread the love.)

P.S. my dog is adorable.  LOOK AT MY ADORABLE DOG, INTERNETS!

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  1. I saw Realitea the other day driving by and wanted to check it out. Now I MUST GO bc i NEED to know what Pumpkin Pie Tea tastes like! :D