Friday, March 30, 2012

Confederate drag and cannonballs

I Can Hear The Thunder by Dondiart - Dondi Fontenot
Living in the south is interesting!  Not always in good ways (take, for example, the people who have been waving Conferate flags outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for months) (for the record, while I understand the desire to "respect the heritage" -- hey, history is history, okay, even though not everybody can be from the Good Side all the time, right? -- the simple fact is that the flag is incredibly offensive to a lot of people, and Richmond's troubled racial history is still very much A Thing,  and I think even though heritage is important, it's a detriment to our city's image to fly that flag at someplace like the art museum.  This may seem like Empathy 101, but one person's heritage is another person's incredibly hurtful symbol.  And it being someone's heritage doesn't erase the fact that it's also hurtful.  < / non-southern-native rant > ) (and it really irks me that people continue to disrespect the VMFA's wishes on the matter by standing inches away from the VMFA property line dressed in what I can only call Confederate drag -- because I'm sorry, I don't think anyone in Civil War times actually wore dresses made out of modern cloth that's patterned with bright repeated confederate flag print, etc.  That's just offensive to basic taste and reproduction sense, right?)

(Reading the link to RVANews piece on the debacle is well worth anyone's time, really.  It's got a lot of comments that span the discussion that seems to always be A Thing in Richmond.)



So!  Living in the south!  As a person who didn't grow up here!

Really, all I came here to share was that a Civil War-era CANNONBALL (with an IN-TACT FUSE) was discovered buried in my neighborhood last night.


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  1. I'm a native of south & I still think it's offensive. To my mind it's similar it if a bunch of Germans decided that they wanted to embrace their history by standing around waving Nazi flags outside of state offices.