Wednesday, March 21, 2012


View from my desk at work

Last night was full of the first heat lightning, then rain tumbling on the roof.  This morning, everything is foggy.  When I lived on Chincoteague Island, we never had snow days -- we would have fog days instead.  Two hour delays because the causeway that connected the island to the mainland was nothing but white, a blanket of quiet.  You could drive right over the edge, I guess, if you didn't know the turns.  Of course, you get to know the one road that leads you in and out pretty well.  Although I hear they've changed it now.  It's a whole new bridge, snaking into a new part of Main Street.  But I'm sure there's still that fog that settles down over everything.  When I drive through dense fog like that now, I think, I could be there now, and it would look the same.  Sometimes a road in one place can feel like a road anywhere else if you tilt your mind a little.  Quick, before it burns away.

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