Thursday, March 1, 2012

Novella update

I spent the week tinkering a little with my wee novel including updating the cover with a piece by the wonderful and talented young (!!) Nikko Russano (with permission!) c/o Creative Commons, then of course updating the book front matter to attribute accordingly etc., and somehow also followed the sage advice to start a new project as soon as you finish one, which means I'm now 7k words into my paranormal teen romance (with a little help from Twitter).  The novella is free all day today and tomorrow, and it's still review-less, but hopefully of the 116 people who have downloaded it so far since last Thursday, people like it.  *cringe!*  If you don't have a Kindle, you can still read it via a Kindle app without buying the device, wutwut.

(Out of those 116, 1 was actually bought between the time it was up for free and the time it wasn't, which means I think I've made a grand total of 35 cents, and the rest were all downloaded during the time I offered it up for free.  So for those who asked me to keep them updated on how self-publishing is going, that's how it's going.  Which is actually pretty much what I expected.  When it initially goes up for free, it tends to rank between #13 and #9 in the Top Free Kindle eBooks section within its chosen sub-genres (ie, #9 in children's eBooks --> girls and women, not just #9 in overall eBooks, heavens no I WISH).  

I do wish I could choose where Kindle decides to cut off the hook/preview.  When I first uploaded it, it cut off at a really good point mid-conversation between two characters.  Now that I changed a few things (literally a few characters) it now ends slightly further down.  Huh.

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  1. Really great cover! Good covers help, unfortunately. Or fortunately, depending on how one sees it.