Tuesday, March 20, 2012


spring by Laura Graves
It's the first day of spring!  Thank goodness.  Although it already feels like we're heading straight into summer here in Virginia.  (Summer in Richmond is basically full of days with 98% humidity coupled with 98-degree weather.  Patios are only good if you have about ten mojitos present at all times.  But patios are so delightful that this is fair enough.  Ditto for the delightfulness of mojitos.  The constant refrain is "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" as though nobody has ever given voice to the concept before, ever.  I am, like everyone else, equally guilty of this conversational sin.)

So!  Spring/Sorta Summer!

I have my little spring basket here that my mom dropped off for me at work because she is sweet, and my family always did Easter baskets on the first day of spring.  (Shockingly, not for pagan reasons, though that would certainly fit.)  It is full of things like jasmine green tea and pasta.  #adultcandybasket

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