Monday, March 26, 2012


wee lemon buds!

Well, we bit the bullet and got started on our serious gardening this season.  It's been so warm, although of COURSE now I hear that it might get back down into the 30's tonight.  Boooo.  So we'll see how these things last.  Among other things, we'll be growing chard, tomatoes, a whole buncha herbs, lettuce, LEMONS, blueberries, raspberries, honeysuckle, pineapple (well, maybe -- it's not looking so good), and a whole lot more (also, I am jonesing for some serious wisteria).  This is just the backyard garden.  The community garden plot (oh hey, I'm a co-manager of the project now!)  will have other things.

The lion fountain came with the house, but I converted it to a planter because it's loud when it's running, and if we don't keep it running there will be standing water which will breed mosquitoes.  So, goodbye fountain, hello marigold planter.  Now instead of a fountain that will attract mosquitoes, we have a planter that has flowers which will keep aphids away.

We are also finding great success with keeping the dogs away from the garden with the simple string fence which doubles as lines for keeping track of what is planted where (square foot gardening).  We did have to make the garden backed up against the fence, which is unfortunate since it means we have to step in the garden to reach the very back bit, but that's simply the land we have to work with in our yard.

Next project: button quail!
Turnix mugissant - Turnix sylvaticus; Small Button-quail

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