Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why feminist librarians should read Bitch Magazine

Yesterday I got my copy of  Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture.  SQUEE!  Lots of squee.

So why should feminist librarians (and feminists in general, obvs) subscribe/read Bitch?


Missed Connections: What Search Engines Say About Women

Book reviews!  LOTS of book reviews.  Like these 100 YA Books for the Feminist Reader + their "bibliobitch" tag for all book-related posts

+ more!  


Plus just plain interesting stuff like Better Homes & Bloggers: Are lifestyle blogs a new way for women to compare themselves and come up short? (you can read that article in full by clicking the link, which is where the art also came from)

So go!  Make thee hence and get thee to the bitchery!

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  1. It's funny, I was just posting about a magazine myself and I was hoping to find something else to subscribe to as well. Mission accomplished! Thanks!

    A library minion