Friday, April 20, 2012

245 $a I have met my MLIS match and its name is cataloging

I swear, this cataloging class is testing the limits of my nerdery.  I was okay with building a functional catalog database (with software I was given to work with) last year, but this...this is just insanity.  As a Ravenclaw I don't want to give up, what with it being so close to the end of the semester and all.  I mean, it's almost May!  Basically, what I'm talking about is data entry for this sort of thing (although my professor uses lots of $a, $b, $c bits too).

LEADER 00000cam  2200349Ia 4500 
001    773355723 
003    OCoLC 
005    20120208034452.0 
006    m        d         
007    cr cnu---unuuu 
008    120120s2011    nyu     o     000 1 eng d 
020    9780307797964 (electronic bk.) 
020    0307797961 (electronic bk.) 
035    (OCoLC)773355723 
043    n-cn-on 
049    SAPA 
050  4 PR9199.3.A8|bC38 2011eb 
082 04 813/.54|222 
100 1  Atwood, Margaret,|d1939- 
245 10 Cat's eye|h[electronic resource] /|cMargaret Atwood. 
260    New York :|bAnchor Books,|c[2011] 
300    1 online resource (445 p.) 
520    Years after painter Elaine Risley flees Toronto for 
       Vancouver, she returns to search for long-missing parts of
       her life and pursue the elusive Cordelia, her best friend 
       and sometimes enemy. 
650  0 Women painters|zOntario|zToronto|vFiction. 
650  0 Friendship|zOntario|zToronto|vFiction. 
650  0 Girls|zOntario|zToronto|vFiction. 
651  0 Toronto (Ont.)|vFiction. 
655  0 Psychological fiction. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
710 2  OverDrive, Inc. 
856 40 |u
       |zAccess this downloadable ebook through OverDrive 
994    C0|bSAP 

On one hand, I want to say look, it's a logical system and I just need to get with the program on learning this language, but on the other hand, my brain has a difficult time being like, 'Oh, OF COURSE the title is 245 $a with that indicator DUHHHHHZERS.'  Languages have never, ever been my thing. I'm terrible at learning languages.  So it doesn't surprise me that when it comes to a seemingly-arbitrary language like this, I'm basically leaning on examples I can glean from the net to use as crutches.  (That's not to say I'm not learning it.  I am!  But it's just slow going.  I learn well with filled-out examples, and this course is lacking there.)

*meme found via magpielibrarian
** I keep meaning to do a Friday Flip-Through for Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye because it is gorgeous.  And whoever had the book before me (I got it at a thrift store) clearly is my lost soulmate because they copiously underlined all the little bits I wanted to underline.  I should really do a Craigslist missed connection there.
***Also, you know what's awful?  Horizon Wimba for Blackboard.  That thing's lag is horrendous, so that when someone's trying to do a webex with it and is flipping through pages, they're talking six or seven pages ahead of what's actually showing on the screen!


  1. I don't know if this will help you, but, this is my cataloging bible:

  2. Also, let me know if you need any other help, since I spend most of my day in MARC