Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hoping for good things

Carina (top) & Helix (bottom) by Amanda Mocci

I'm smitten with those mixed media prints there.

Also, I am hoping and hoping that April is going to be a Good Month.  So far, I've gotten word that my Master's Degree Plan has officially been approved so once I take my final two classes and my (dun dun dunnn) Capstone this summer, that's IT.  I'll be DONE.  Plus, the community garden ended up raising even more money than we set out to raise.  And I got elected as the Communications and Outreach Director for the Virginia Library Association New Member Round Table.  AND I only got slightly sunburned during the garden workdays (miracle).  So if just two more things waiting in the wings could be positive, that would be great, universe.  (But I would take one, even.  I'll aim high by asking for two, though.)

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  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you. For real. Also congratulations on all the good stuff. Sounds like you're on a roll.