Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hunger Games nail polish

So there's Hunger Games nail polish out there.  12 [District] colors are being offered by China Glaze in The Hunger Games Collection in colors like Electrify, Fast Track, Hook and Line, and more.  On one hand, isn't the whole being-gussied-up-by-the-Capitol a *bad* thing, a thing meant to reflect the self-indulgent frippery that citizens of Panem engage in?  On the other, shiny.  I totally goofed on font sizes when making the above graphic or else I would have highlighted the "Smoke and Ashes" color more.  Now, I haven't worn nail polish in about ten years, at least, but these are wooing me.  Could it be my little fannish heart simply cannot resist?  Well, no.  I'm resisting okay.  (I'm in grad school and this would definitely qualify as Not A Necessary Purchase.  Even if each bottle is only $2.)  But SMOKE AND ASHES.  GUH.

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