Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pay your checkout ban with a can

Fresh Canned Produce by McQuade

"At least three west suburban libraries offered patrons an alternative way to pay fines for overdue library books during the holiday season. Instead of the 10-cents-a-day-per-item normally charged by the Batavia, St. Charles and West Chicago Public Libraries, patrons satisfied their debts with non-perishable food items, which were then donated to local not-for-profit organizations."  -- Overdue Library Book Fines Feed the Hungry, by Suzanne G. Hlotke (Chicago Tribune, Jan 1994)

How cool of an idea is that?  I would love to see such policies done every so often year-round, like once every two months, by instituting a Library Fines-For-Food Holiday.  It would need a catchy name.  I will think of one...

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