Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vanilla chai blackberry-heart "Game of Thrones" dragon egg cupcakes

Insanely long recipe title?  Maybe.  Insanely long book series?  Maybe.  INSANELY GOOD?  YES.  (Both the cupcakes and A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.)

Basic rundown:
-Vanilla cake mix (holla, I am lazy)
-Cinnamon + nutmeg + Trader Joe's chai tea mix powder (afterthought...turned out to be a good one)
-Blackberries ("horse hearts")
-Red sprinkles (for fire!)
-"jewel" almonds from the For The Love Of Chocolate shop in Carytown (RVA)

Stick the blackberries in the middle pre-baking.  These are your fruity horse-hearts.  ;)

My fantastic purple-gold-green mottled almonds aka dragon eggs

Torture at least one pet with frosting (give pet more pet-appropriate treat after picture-taking)

Behold, your tester.  Om nom to taste.  Arrange on Game of Thrones-appropriate dinnerware if possible.

Notice your tasty horse-heart center.

 Puppies really, really were insistent.  


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