Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On "The Magicians"


[–]vesperae 5 points  ago
The main question that I can't get out of my head after reading your books (I've been wondering this off and on for a while now) is whether or not you actually like the Narnia series. It is clearly obvious that Narnia is a huge influence, but I can't tell whether your fairly cynical version of Narnia shown in Fillory is just the overall cynical nature of the series, or Quentin's asshole point of view, or if you're intentionally being extra cynical about the whole escapist Narnia/Fillory/magic world in a cupboard thing.
[–]LevGrossman[S] 6 points  ago
You know how you -- by which I mean me -- love your parents, but you're also kind of permanently angry at them, all the time? That's how I feel about the Narnia books. I really do love them. I've tried to make my daughter read them about 100 times. But I feel so bitter about them too -- about what they did and didn't prepare me for in life.
[–]palindromatic_ice 1 point  ago
I think I just learned something about myself.

I love Lev Grossman.  (Whole Reddit Q&A is here.)  Waiting for the third/final Magician book is killing me. KILLING ME.

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