Friday, May 18, 2012

Week in Review: Snakes and Saints

This week...
Animaletters | Snake by Isabel Urbina

There were snakes in the library!

I finished reading Ten Thousand Saints.  Isn't the UK cover (top) better?  Why are UK covers almost always better?  I am always a sucker for simple + typography.  Also, I never quite got the design decision to use the little stars as transition-filler-pieces (is there a name for that in a book?  Like when you use characters to create a little bridge between sections?  There must be a term for that.)...why not use, say, xxx instead?  Or maybe I'm being too simplistic.  Too literal. 

Anyway, it was an okay read.  My GoodReads review:


Say it all really fast and if doing so doesn't seem like too much for a story, then you'll probably like this. If it seems like a bit much, then you might want to put it back on the shelf, or read it in small doses. It's good, but there's a lot going on, and with so many different threads, some of the characters get a little lost in the shuffle along the way. 

This week I also...

Card Catalog by Edward Ilsen
Got an A in my cataloging course!  I also got an A in my History and Culture of Youth Services course, but that was sort of a given.  And okay, cataloging class had nothing to do with ye olde fashioned card catalog above, it's all fancypants coding and such these days.  But that's not as pretty or hipsterific.  

And finally...

photo by Dixie Donuts

Dixie Donuts opened up within walking distance from my house with their delicious $1 donuts.  I had apricot cardamom yesterday and peach cobbler today.  With Dixie Donuts and the Don't Look Back taco bar and Bev's ice-cream with their basil and lavender/berry flavors, I am going to be poor forever.  But happy gastronomically, of course.  


  1. Have you seen the UK Harry Potter covers? I personally prefer the American ones. Those donuts make me want to cry with longing. For real. Nom.

  2. Heh, I waffle on the HP covers issue. I think the UK ones are quaint and sweet, more classic-children's-lit-y, but I sort of like that less-flashy look. Plus, the whole changing-the-name-of-the-first-book's-title-for-US-audiences makes me cringe.

    They are so tasty-ful! And the whole block near the place smells like donuts now.

  3. Corey and I couldn't wait to grab a few UK HP covers while we were in London this month. Then again, there are at least 2 sets of UK covers now along with 2-3 sets of US covers. You ought to see the British Hunger Games books. They look like they're trying to be Battle Royale. Oy!

  4. You're right they do! I do love the cover of Battle Royale so I approve. :P And there is NO REASON to not own a million different versions of HP.