Monday, June 4, 2012

Gary is our watch-snail

The community garden plot is green-green-green.  I'm going to eat so much salad this summer, especially since discovering local lavender vinaigrette.  Be still, my tastebuds.  BEHOLD the garden mastery:

Corn, beans, and squash (the three sisters)

Also done: Ripped out a bunch of ivy from the front yard, tossed around a bunch of wildflower seeds, created a gravel path, planted some sunflowers by that, and made a mini-birdbath into a succulent planter.  More succulents to come for that...but for $18 (total, including the cement birdbath since it's about 2.5 feet tall and we had discounts at the local nursery from buying all our seedlings there earlier this year), I think that's a pretty good start to making our yard look less horrific!

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  1. love these gardening photos! Glad to be following you (dragonfly_magic from lj)