Friday, June 8, 2012

Me: 1, Universe: 0

Calvinball by Joe Wright

I feel like I've tricked the universe into giving me what I want.  I joined a kickball team for the summer that specifically bars pregnant people from playing so now EITHER WAY I WIN.  HA HA HA.  At least I win for the summer, anyway.  Anyway, kickball is awesome when it involves a) a timer so games don't go longer than an hour and b) beer on the field.  The downside is that I started to go jogging every day and then joined kickball the next week, so for a while I felt like I got run over by a train.  I clearly haven't used my kickball muscles since I was 12.  Woops.  Anyway though, it's causing me to suddenly be super sporty and my feet are getting a ridiculous ked-shoe tan, and I'm being super social and making new friends.

I'm the king of the woooooorld.

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