Monday, July 9, 2012

I win the thrift wars

Firstly, please agree with me that this painting is one of the best $5 I have ever spent (or possibly will ever spend, ever).  There I was in the thrift store, getting ready to leave, when something sparkly caught my eye -- and there it was, sitting on the floor, in all its sparkly glory.  I'm not going to lie when I say I went OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and sort of maybe lunged like a lunatic towards it, cackling.  

Just to be clear, the entire thing is ringed in glitter paint.  And look at the detail to her manicure!  It is most impressive.  It's dated December 20, 1997, so we're looking at a relic from that general time period.  A true historic find, a little snapshot to an era.  

Naturally, it's hanging in the downstairs bathroom.  


Slight change of topic: Can we all also agree that some people are so horrifyingly lacking tact that it's truly just...horrible?  There was a band show this weekend which I attended (wifely duty and all that) and one of the other members had a baby last week.  Which is great!  The lead singer made the announcement and all was well and good and we had a nice round of applause, and then he kept going.  "Well, it's easy to have a kid as long as your stuff works.  As long as you're not broken.  So we're all proud that your junk works and your wife's junk works!"  I just don't generally go to metal shows expecting to get my self esteem kicked in the face, but apparently that should be on my watch-out list now too.  I realize I also shouldn't expect the guy brandishing a pitcher of beer to be thinking about being sensitive, but still.  

H'okay.  Mini self pity rant over.  The rest of the weekend was actually quite nice, involving watermelon, dogs, seeing a childhood best bud for brunch (!), and a trip to Staunton for a family get-together where we could talk to people who are nice and reasonable and understanding and not brandishing pitchers of beer.  So in the end, the weekend tilted towards the middle, erring on the side of pretty good.  I give it an A-.

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  1. I'd be like: too bad your brain doesn't work asshole. but you know- I'm rude like that.

    & yes. That painting is awesome. especially knowing it involves glitter paint.