Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ready Player One: Fanart and book recommendations

Ready Player One by ~lerms

I would write a book review about Ready Player One, but I feel like since I haven't actually finished it yet, that would be jumping the gun.  However, I'm liking it in the same way I fell in like with Douglas Coupland's Microserfs.  Both books are like riding a bullet train of allusions and pop culture and nerd references and the reality of our virtual and real realities.  Sometimes that bullet train is going to run you over and you're going to be saying 'really, come now, enough with the references,', and other times it's going to be fun and pleasant and you're going to be saying 'please I can't already be 67% of the way through, Kindle, I can't, I want this book to last a little longer!'

If someone came up to me saying that Ready Player One has whet their appetite for more books like it, I'd say here, take these other suggestions, now that RPO has been your gateway drug to books full of generational references, meta, and/or techie nerd books.  So, a few "if you like X then you might like Y" suggestions:

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