Monday, August 6, 2012

Dog days are not over

When so few things in life are simple, at least lazy summer Sundays still exist.  Sometimes lying in a river and letting minnows nibble your toes while your dog frolics from rock to rock (but never braving the water past her paws) is the antidote to the blahs*.  Whenever I think about applying for jobs away from Virginia, I plop myself down in the James River and remember that, um, leaving is super low down on the list of things I want to do.

Also helpful to good moods: big bright sunflower flags and unicorn shirts.

*Turns out my body took one look at my plans and was like oh lololol, time to screw things up and make it so that you have to go get a trigger shot/monitoring on the day you're also supposed to be in Harrisonburg two hours away for your Master's graduation ceremony and your husband is away for the weekend (at least also in Harrisonburg -- he's starting on his master's degree with my alma mater program that same weekend) staying at his sister's house lololol!  Ha ha.  Very funny, body/Universe.  Hee-larious.  Welp!  Soldiering on, packin' my awkward scheduling skills...


  1. How I miss rivers & it being hot enough to sit in them in the summertime while sipping on a beer. I miss that more than anything else I think. Uggg- it's time for the universe to start being really nice to you I think. Yup.

    1. P.S. Also: congratulations on graduating!

    2. Thanks! Yeah, the Universe needs to get on that. Even though I know the Universe could be dishing way worse things out to me, it's still hard within my own personal frame of reference of bad things, you know?