Monday, August 27, 2012

Spis. Elsk. Lev.

Sunday thrifting at its finest.  Behold the bounty!

Ultimate score: Eat. Pray. Love. Norwegian-style (Spis. Elsk. Lev.) on audiobook, still in its original packaging.  I'm preparing myself to learn Norwegian via a tale of aspirational travel, foodiness and meditation that I would never be able to do on my budget.  Rabbit trail here: I did listen to the English audiobook of Eat. Pray. Love. a while back because everyone was kind of judging it all over the Internet (as the Internet does).  So at least I can say I have my opinions on it by way of having experienced the whole thing.  And it wasn't bad in and of itself.  But it was just kind of 'Well that's great that you recommend all of this....but you got to do it all in part because of the book deal you got out of it in advance!' -- which really just tells me to be more proactive about pitching book deals, clearly.  So I did learn something!

But I digress.  I can tell you that, whatever my mixed feelings on the English version are, I'm 100% sure I'm going to enjoy the Norwegian audio version.

Bonus multilingual find: Big Japanese Amelie poster in an okay frame.

Bonus weekend home-ownership adventure lol:

The downstairs bathroom stopped being functional, and we discovered that the previous owners walled over the on/off water valves to that bathroom.  This is when having a trendy chalkboard as part of a door really comes in handy.

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