Friday, September 21, 2012


Fall by J U M P S I C K ▼▲

I woke up the other night and fumbled for a pen so I could scrawl this blindly on the back of a stray academic paper.  It was almost illegible in the morning.


A woman died suddenly one day -- just like that, with her silk shirt on at work.  I go home.  I write I LOVE YOU in bold black letters on every piece of laundry, methodical, that night.  If I drop dead they will take me away, unpeel onion layers of I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE YOU.  I LOVE YOU.  I want to make sure you know -- all of you.  Layer by layer, down to my nothingness.


  1. Ooooh that is very nice. Very.

  2. that's really beautiful! yay for sleep inspirations! :D