Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On not being a shy librarian

In which a rabbits anatomy is observable by WindUpTheatre

The past two weeks have been a little crazy for me, mostly because I've had one phone interview and two in-person interviews.  This morning was the third.  I'm hoping that the slightly awkward nervousness that probably is shooting out my eyeballs during these things comes across as endearing and understandable due to the fact that interviews don't ever feel casual.  "I'm chipper and friendly and casual and amiable," I want to tell people.  "I'm just nervous as all heck right now, rabbity-skittery, please overlook my outer awkwardness and nervous laugh!  I learn fast and am eager to do whatever is asked of me!"  Inevitably there are times when I think later, 'Yes, you answered that one perfectly, you are amaaaaazing, go you!' and other times when I think, 'That other question though, why did you say THAT, when you could have said THIS -- why did you dart your eyes around when you heard a weird scratching at the wall?  TUNE OUT EVERYTHING, SELF, DO NOT LOOK LIKE A WEIRDO."

I'm great, I swear.  Just not great at not being awkward sometimes.  Apparently.  But slight awkwardness is better than giving the impression of, "I'm quiet and just want to read books!" because, counter to what one might think is the case about library work, that's actually the opposite of what's needed.  After all, library patrons might be reading quietly, but librarians are the ones asking if everyone's finding everything, answering phones, answering reference questions, and busy being approachable.  I think I'd rather exude a little friendly awkwardness than shyness.  In fact, that's really the thing that worries me -- that my excitement about an interview paired with awkwardness and nervesnervesnerves comes across as Shy Librarian, because I'm not shy!

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