Monday, October 22, 2012

A new pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Everything's been slowly coming together for me to make my move to Roanoke, and by "slowly" I mean "hurtling".  I now have:

-A new mini-laptop (lesson learned: Windows 7 Starter is annoying, but installing Oceanis can get past the "no you can't change your desktop picture off of the Windows logo" issue)

-A new apartment (two blocks from the library, and it's month-to-month, AND will allow me to take Neville with me, which means while it's not the nicest Old Southwest apartment ever, I think it'll do, and the sketch bits will just have to be things I live with, because the idea of signing a year lease on a place where *both* of my dogs wouldn't be able to be here if my husband wanted to join me was giving me some literal insomnia).  Cute Corgis are friend traps, so Neville is now a working dog with a mission when he moves with me.

-A new couch -- well, new to me, as my neighbor invited me to take her old couch since she was getting rid of it and didn't want to wait for the city to take it.  SWISH!  If Neville destroys it, I will destroy him.

-A list of items that it turns out we don't have two of ("I probably don't want to get there and not have a can opener," I say absent-mindedly, and add it to my Post-It app).

-A list of friends to see real quick.  We were at an early Halloween party on Saturday night and when the time came for us to leave, it was decided that we weren't ready for this yet, and dinner would have to be had pronto prior to our leaving.  (Saying one's goodbyes dressed as Hipster Ariel when one's friends are Paula Deen and George R. R. Martin would be a little bizarre anyway.)

This is all kind of nuts, but in the words of Tim Gunn, I'm just going to have to make it work.  It is an adventure, and I'm doing something I've never done before, and that's kind of brave (for me).  It's funny, I felt such a kinship with the words of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, and here I am, planting myself there in the area.  If there are such things as signs, there have been many pointing to this decision; the fact that two hours after I turned in my notice, layoffs happened from Corporate, resulting in another job being combined with mine; being given a new extra couch; falling in love with Pilgrim at Tinker Creek; the fact that Patrick's parents need a place to put a lot of the furniture from his grandmother's assisted living room.  There are things falling into place, and it's certainly helping me make it work and accept this decision as the best possible one.  I just keep repeating the mantra of It's An Adventure, It's An Adventure, It's An Adventure.

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