Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo dump

I'm nearing the end of week 1 of my Roanoke adventure.  So far, I'm both thrilled with my new job and coworkers and also very homesick for my home.  Not to be a whiner, but while Terry Gross makes good dinner company (I got custody of the radio/record player, swish), I miss talking to Patrick after leaving work, since it's basically me talking to the dog and quickly becoming a Crazy Dog Lady.

So let me get the laughably sad photos out of the way first.  Then my cozy-even-if-there's-never-hot-or-even-warm-water-apartment as a whole.

There are no crisper drawers.  Or food, really.  But only one of those complaints is my fault.

My whole four glasses.  JFK (X 2) watches over me.

Some of the winners in the battle for moving selections.  Good for you books, you made the team.


 This last weird picture is me trying to show off my fancypants sheet curtains held up with birdie clips.  So attractive.

The apartment could be worse.  I have lived in worse.  And I would be so much more miserable if the job weren't awesome.  But thankfully the apartment is bearable (hot water lack aside, major sads) and the job makes me happy to walk to work in the morning.  I'm just trying not to dwell too much on the loneliness and am thinking of projects to work on that will get me out and about, like this Tumblr for finding trees that remind me of maybe the tree from American Gods since that tree is a southwest Virginia tree.  Like I needed more projects.  But I've got free time and now I have Internets so in the words of Zoidberg, why not.  I've also had some invites to some social stuff next week, and a Twitter meetup, so hooray!


  1. Love your samplers! Glad you've managed to make it cozy despite the temporariness of things. hopefully all will be sorted with you guys soon.

  2. Apropos of your first picture - man, potato rolls are delicious aren't they?